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02 December 2016

Publish date: 02/12/2016

This week a number of Regional and National SAA Leads met in London to focus how best to support you in the regions with knowledge sharing, training, networking and a collective voice. You are not alone! was a recurring theme. That sense of collaborative membership has always been the lynch pin of local government lawyers and long may it continue. The outcomes and next steps will be disseminated in due course but one communicative confusion raised during the conference was the difference between SAA's and the old style SIG's? No difference whatsoever is the answer. The old style Special Interest Group was rebranded Special Activity Area upon the merger of ACSeS and SLG. Creatures of habit that we are I am sure it will take some time to integrate the new terminology. I must say a huge thank you to all the dedicated convenors across England & Wales who are carrying out such important grass root activities in the face of mounting work pressures and demands and an even bigger one to those who attended the conference this week. All of your contributions to the work of LLG are invaluable and the organisation is working hard to listen to its members and adapt to the changing demands asked of a 21st Century Lawyer.

Upcoming things to look out for in the next few weeks include the launch of a free webinar provision for full members on the LLG website in December and the launch of a facilitated mentoring scheme in January. Make sure your team members are registered on the website to take advantage of these and other benefits including direct receipt of the bulletin.