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Publish date: 24/06/2016

Today we awoke to the news that the UK is to leave the European Union and much speculation has already begun as to what this will mean in practice and what timeline the UK will follow.

No doubt you are already being asked about the implications which are many and varied from Procurement; Investment and Housing to the role of the European Convention on Human Rights. Indeed speculation that the treasury solicitors department will soon require a massive recruitment drive is already trending. It seems inevitable therefore that local government lawyers are going to need to be adaptable and subsume even more work than ever before. LLG will strive to support you during this profoundly changing period.

Well done to everyone involved in the elections and those who stayed up late well into the small hours to count and oversee. Whatever your personal view, democracy in action was witnessed and as ever, ably assisted by the dedication of our legal colleagues across the UK. For those attending the pressing need of meetings this morning, coffee may be in order.