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9 April 2020

Publish date: 09/04/2020

This week LLG delivered the first of its weekly COVID-19 webinars on the virtual meeting and postponement of elections regulations, highlighting the guidance we produced with ADSO and hearing from Mark Heath from VWV Solicitors examining the interplay between the two regulations and answering a myriad of questions. You can view the webinar, together with all the other legal specific webinars here and you can book onto the upcoming webinars at https://www.llglegaltraining.org.uk/ The weekly LLG Webinar Brief will be provided for free to give you the information you need, when you need it. Next Wednesday at 12.00 we will be looking at Contracts, Documents and Deeds with the week after examining Scrutiny and Governance. We are also collaborating with our corporate partners to provide a range of topics starting with Shoosmiths LLP on Procurement Policy Note 02/20 Supplier Relief next Wednesday at 10.00.

Looking ahead we are now collating all the questions from Wednesday's webinar to transpose into FAQ's and looking at model standing orders in conjunction with ADSO. If you have any work already completed and are willing to share it, then please do get it touch. By working together, we can share the load and weather the peaks more effectively.

Don't forget to join the national SAA group - Coronavirus: Legal Issues and Responses which members can access for free. You can then join in the national debate on the LLG community forum hub, access a comprehensive library of documents and keep up to date with the latest news and information releases. To keep updated on all the webinar training join the legal training mailing list. You will receive information on the categories you select. Please circulate these links to your colleagues.

Keeping your well-being in mind, lawcare have produced a range of resources from managing anxiety, dealing with difficult clients and working from home which you can find here To sign up to their well-being webinars and for information around the support they provide you should head to their website at https://www.lawcare.org.uk/covid-19

With very best wishes for Easter.

Helen McGrath

Head of Public Affairs