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15 February 2019

Publish date: 18/02/2019

The Local Government Information Unit published the '2019 State of Local Government Finance Survey'

this week with most council's responding that council tax increases would be inevitable alongside continual reductions in service provision. More than half those surveyed will need to utilise reserves to provide services and 1 in 20 indicated raised concerns about their ability to even meet core function provision. With most council's yearly budget release indicating a need to divert funding to support adult social care provision and identifying equality impacts on a wide-ranging class of people, the challenge continues to find ways to support the delivery of key, vital community provision. No surprise then that 4 out of 5 council's are investing in commercial developments. For those of you interested in the governance of local authority interests in companies, LLG have published model codes of guidance which members can access here

Moving from one challenge to another, Brexit continues to raise major concerns following the Commons defeat of the motion to endorse the governments negotiating strategy. LLG are continuing at pace to raise concerns and flag key areas with the Ministry, especially with the potential for a 'no deal' exit still looming on the horizon. We are currently examining the impact on vulnerable groups and emergency planning which we want the Ministry to provide further guidance and direction on. The Ministry have produced the 'Local Government Brexit Preparedness' guidance which operates by numerous hyperlinks within various fields such as regulatory and communities. It is not easily navigated to obtain quick answers and indeed requires extrapolation to identify vulnerable persons who might be affected by Brexit. LLG will keep you updated on this critical piece of work as it develops.

Bookings for the Weekend School are flooding in now so if you want to ensure you secure a place you need to act quickly. There are numerous different ways to attend and take part including day passes and non-residential attendance. With high profile speakers and a bespoke programme for Junior lawyers at low cost, this year's WES has something for everyone. To view the programme and to book click here https://www.llglegaltraining.org.uk/