Local Groups

Local Groups

Within each of the regional branches local groups are run that are a network of people with an interest in a specific area of local government law.

Please use the drop down menu on the left to see the full list local groups and to read further information about these groups. The various local groups that are run in each region are also listed as part of each of the branches. Each group runs their own meetings and has their own officers.

Members of LLG can join any of the local groups by visiting the relevant web page and clicking 'join' or by joining on your member home page. I would actively encourage you to join these, attend the meetings and participate in this valuable information sharing opportunity. If there is not a specific local group running in your region, please contact the branch directors to enquire about establishing this group and please join those established to receive regular updates on news and events. As a network there are no regional restrictions.

LLG members can register interest in a local group and receive information about the group activity by selecting and joining the relevant group on the drop down list.

If at any time at all you would like to contact us to make a change to how we use our data, to request that we no longer use your data or to make any requests regarding your data then please contact membership@llg.org.uk