Applications for the Board Director Position of LLG Treasurer are Now Open.

Publish date: 02/12/2019

This is an exciting opportunity to gain high level strategic board experience working alongside experienced directors to promote and support lawyers working in local government. Closing date 20th December 2019.

LLG are looking for applications to nominate to the AGM in April 2020 for the position of Treasurer. If you are interested in this position and would like to have an informal discussion please contact our CEO at who will be happy to chat with you.

Please send applications to setting out how you meet the job description (see below) together with your CV by 20th December 2019.

This is a significant position on the LLG Board with career enhancing opportunities.

To be eligible for the position you must be a current full member of Lawyers in Local Government and meet the lawful requirements to be a Director of a company.

Job Descriptions

Board Director:

LLG would ask that you aim to attend four board meetings a year plus ideally our two residential conferences, plus be willing to communicate by email or occasionally, telecon, between meetings.

Treasurer as board director, plus the following additional requirements:-

Main purposes of role: To be a member of the LLG Board and the LLG Executive Board with responsibility for the financial oversight of LLG / LLGE.

• Recommend an annual budget for approval by the Board

• Be responsible to the Board for overseeing the financial control of LLG's income and expenditure, working with the accountant and book-keeper to ensure timely production of all financial records and accounts

• Ensure probity in all the company's financial affairs

• Ensure that the financial implications of any decisions are properly understood and considered as part of the decision-making process at board level


1. Work with the executive team to prepare and submit a budget of anticipated expenditure and income for the following financial year to a meeting of the Board prior to the financial year end, including recommendations about the level of member subscriptions.

2. Oversee the LLG finance function - liaise with the CEO, staff and the external bookkeeper to ensure that all income due to LLG is properly invoiced & collected, income received is banked as soon as possible, and all income & expenditure is properly accounted for

3. Prepare a Treasurers Report for each Board meeting to include a statement of income and expenditure against budget and identify any financial problems.

4. Authorise invoices for payment where required under the financial authority policy

5. Authorise payment of travel expenses where required by the Expenses Policy

6. Be responsible for overseeing the operation of company's bank accounts (including interest bearing accounts for money surplus to immediate needs and any longer-term reserves)

7. Work with staff to ensure that relevant insurance cover is in place to meet statutory requirements and make recommendations to the Board as to any additional cover that may be required.

8. Arrange for the preparation of final accounts as soon as practical after the financial year end by an accountant approved by the Board and submit the draft accounts to the Board for approval.

9. Present a report on the accounts to the AGM

10. Ensure that all necessary returns to HMRC and Companies House are filed in a timely manner

11. Ensure an inventory is maintained of any property and equipment owned by LLG and which officer has responsibility for its custody and its location