Latest Position - Court Declaration on Virtual Meeting Provision

Publish date: 22/03/2021

ADSO and LLG, along with Hertfordshire County Council, are pleased to announce that our claim has been issued in the High Court to allow for the continuation of local authority remote meetings beyond the 6th May 2021. The claim also included an application for the Court to expedite proceedings to ensure a decision is made before the deadline. The Local Government Association, the National Association of Local Councils and the Welsh Government Minister for Housing and Local Government have been listed as interested parties and will have the opportunity to submit evidence should they wish.

We now await a response from the Court as to the timeline and the hearing date.

We are pleased with the quality of our evidence and we thank all those authorities who have both written to the Secretary of State and submitted evidence to us in support of our claim.

We will issue a further statement when we receive the outcome of our application to expediate and the hearing date.

John Austin Quentin Baker

Chair President


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