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Bevan Brittan Produce Briefing Note on Letter of 14 May 2020 - Minister of State for Care

Publish date: 04/06/2020

As well as the practicalities of providing care during the current Covid-19 crisis, care home providers will be acutely aware that they are currently subject to many demands for information, including daily reports to CQC via the Capacity Tracker. On top of that care home providers will be contacted by their local authorities for information, as set out below. Care homes should do all they can to cooperate with this, as the data gathered will allow Local Authorities to release funding from the Infection Control Fund. In correspondence dated 14 May 2020, the Minister of State for Care, Helen Whately MP, wrote to Council Leaders. She began by thanking them for the work undertaken by local authorities (LAs), care providers and the NHS for their combined Covid-19 response, and then moved to emphasise the need for data which would allow the Government to enhance the coordinated nature of that response.